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Emerging farmers, Agricultural Schools, Colleges and related institutions face an uphill battle with procurement.

Emerging farmers, Agricultural Schools, Colleges rolex replica sale and related institutions face an uphill battle with procurement.

Factors outside their control , force them to procure livestock and goods at inflated prices. Some stock are either old or cull animals, thus their commercial and breeding value depletes. Acquiring old and cull stock the farmer will set himself up to fail.

These entities sometimes don’t have the required network and rolex replica sale direct access to Commercial farmers, Stud breeders and Agri. suppliers. By facilitating and creating a beneficial agreement between these parties directly, unnecessary cost could be eliminated.

Adding to our procurement assistance, at Glencoe we assist emerging Farmers with various Mentorship programs. These mentorship programs runs in conjunction with the rolex replica sale Department of Rural Development.

Glencoe Livestock, “Your Mentorship & procurement partner”


About Us: Glencoe assist Emerging Farmers, Agriculture Schools and other Agri. Institutions

Institutions with the procurement of Livestock, equipment, implements, seeds, fertilizer and animal health products.


Assist Agricultural establishments with procurement, ensuring fair and equitable procurement.
Ensure all stakeholders adhere to Best Practice Procurement policies.


Procurement: Glencoe Livestock will source Livestock, Agricultural Equipment and all Agricultural related products from approved suppliers. Glencoe will engage these stakeholders on a personal level and establish a mutual working relationship that is beneficial to all parties.

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