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1. Procurement
Glencoe Livestock will source Livestock, Agricultural Equipment and all Agricultural related products from approved suppliers. Glencoe will engage these stakeholders on a personal level and establish a mutual working relationship that is beneficial to all parties.

2. Service Level Agreements (SLA)
Service Levels Agreement with all relevant suppliers. These SLA’s will form the basis of the Best Practice Procurement Policy.

3. Relocation and Transport
Assist and arrange all the necessary transport and documentation requirements for the relocation of Livestock.

4. Agri. Consulting
Ensuring up to date needs requirements for stakeholders. This will assist in the procurement of livestock. Needs assessment lists will serve as a “Shopping list” enabling both parties to focus on the core requirements, thus saving time and money. Glencoe consults with Agri. specialists to ensure we adhere to “Best Practise procurement policies.”
5. Mentorship Programs
Adding to our procurement assistance, at Glencoe we assist emerging Farmers with various Mentorship programs. These mentorship programs runs in conjunction with the Department of Rural Development.

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